Two Cent's in your Mail

Friday, March 18, 2011

~On the verge and over the edge~

At what point do you sit down and say, "okay, I have had a nervous breakdown?" I have heard people say that they have, and in my family there have been stories of them. I am not sure what the whole "breakdown" really means, but it was always this mystery occurrence. This very dramatic event, like on TV soap operas, when the actress pulls her hand to her head, and gasps. Everyone shakes their head in sentiment, "Oh, how sad, how terrible, the nervous breakdown. She needs rest. She needs Valium." What exactly is that supposed to do anyway?

In days before, it seems to me that the stress level for people was much less than now. Any form of breakdown, to me anyway, would seem to be something that had to come from drastic events, or if someone had mental issues to begin with. One family member of mine, had a very justifiable breakdown, due to abuse, stress, emotional