Two Cent's in your Mail

Thursday, April 28, 2011

~Catching up on things~

Haven't really had much time for blogging lately. Many things going on. Stress levels are over the top recently, and we aren't the only ones having a rough time, so I haven't felt like fussing about things was justified. Most of the time, I have completely run out of answers and solutions, and just thrown my hands in the air in utter disgust. The world is upside down right now. Not much makes sense. What was solid is shaky, what was clear is blurry....etc. Lines have been crossed, promises have been broken. Sometimes I feel like we are all being tested in every sense of the word.

Work is killing me in every single way possible. Physically, I am in pain every single moment, and not really sure how to remedy it. Taking medicine every day is really bothering me, and I have been trying to find other areas to rid myself of the pain that is there every single moment of the day. It makes it unbearable to move at times. Walking is pure hell. Sleep is non existent most nights, and that too is taking a serious toll. The stress level is over the top, and I keep trying to mentally talk myself out of it all. Fail...miserable fail.

Soon, we will be in Grand Cayman. White sand, the clearest water your mind can imagine, clear skies, and peace and serenity. Even the people are so calm. Who wouldn't be, living in such a place. I keep reminding myself how lucky we are that we will be there soon. We will be standing there, on that beach, looking out over the water, and missing our home. How ironic. Can't wait to get there, then will be saying, can't wait to get back home.

Everyone keeps asking if I am nervous about getting married. No. Not in the least. I have been married before, and I was completely against ever doing it again. Strictly against it, and made that very clear from the beginning with him. Eventually, it became clear that if I was ever meant to be married to anyone, it was this man. The comfort level is something I never had before. The peace, and the love....never had before.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

~And the Zombies strike again~

I haven't had much time to write anything on here lately. So much is going on around me. So much stress and strife. It seems everyone I know or that I am connected too is in some kind of dilemma. I am not so sure why...but this much is true. People have lost their ever loving minds.

Point number one. Does anyone have any damn manners anymore? Case in point. Today at work, I was in a good mood, even though I was concerned for my handsome man, who seems to be coming down with a horrific cold. I was determined to be positive and go into the day with a great attitude, and look forward to making some good cash to put towards our upcoming wedding in May. Oh, how silly of me. Table 155 seemed to be the table of doom on this fine day. First, a party of six botox zombies from LA swooped in and sat down, immediately pissing me off. Their over plumped collagen lips started demanding and ordering outrageously almost the second their fat asses hit the chairs. "You DON'T have bottomless Mimosas?" I looked at her loud pink lip gloss with a nauseous churning in the pit of my stomach. "No, we don't, I am sorry." She immediately sucked air threw her teeth, and rolled her eyes at me, then gave me the adios wave, "Your gonna have to come back to me, I don't know how I am gonna function without my Mimosa. This is a fucking nightmare." Deep breaths...I just kept telling myself, take deep breaths. I turned to the girl next to her, who had her cheetah print bra sticking out of her white tank under shirt, a Man's white under shirt that was at least two sizes too big for her, and oh, let's not forget the brown bow tied around her hair like a head band, and the fake eyelashes, and the RED, oh my god, so RED lipstick on her way too full of collagen lips. I swear if she moved them too much, they were gonna burst and I would be covered in chicken fat. "I don't see any bagels on here. Where are the bagels?" "We only have a plain bagel that comes with the Salmon platter Ma'am. I am sorry." I replied. "Oh my God! Why did you suggest this place Bethany?" (Of COURSE there is a Bethany in this fucking crowd) "This hotel sucks! I knew we should have gone to the Palms." (I wish you had taken your sorry ass to the Palms too....)
Long story short...they ran me to death...back and forth...then I went on break. The poor server who took over...I swear, I am sure didn't have it much better. I come back, they are gone. Bill was $120, tip left on table, $6. Yay.......

On to the next group. Once again, table 155. Another set of 6 women. This time from San Diego. This time, all in their mid 50's. Once again, Botox Zombies. What is it with Californian's and poisoning their bodies with all that plastic? Anyway, this is the real kicker....I try to take the order from them, and let me tell you, the nightmare of this ordeal. I can barely get a word in, one interruption after another. Frustration is taking over, and finally, I am finished. I begin to walk away, when one of them stops me. "Oh, what does your name tag say?" I look at her, puzzled for a moment, and say, "It says Penny, Ma'am." She begins to laugh....I am NOT kidding...and says, "What a stupid name."

I truly believe that when people act rude you should have the right to slap them upside the head. It has become socially acceptable now to act like an ass in public. It's almost entertaining to some. Like a badge of honor. Some find it amusing, like their condescending tone towards another human being has risen them to a level above everyone else. makes them an asshole. That is all. Nothing more. Treating people badly makes you look like a bad person. Like a stupid person. Like you had parents that didn't take the time to teach you better.

Hang on...I am coming back to this....