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Monday, January 30, 2012

~I am pretty sure that I am an adult...therefore....

.....I will say what I please, and what I feel on my own blogs and pages. I am fed up with being told that I should or must do this..or warn about that. People, seriously, stop being so sensitive. Stop acting so perfect. Not one single person on this planet is perfect. Most who act like they are are closet freaks, closet cussers, closet racists. If you are married and have kids, guess what? At some time, probably many times, you got down and dirty with your hubby or wife, and enjoyed every mintue of it, maybe even let out a bunch of noise too. Life is too damn short for all of this nonsense.If there is a post that is racist, or just hateful, cruel, insensitive, or maybe attacks in an unprovoked way...then by all means, I do understand. If you are offended by a parody, meant to be funny, make you laugh, let you forget your stress and striff for two minutes, and happens to have a few cuss words in it....really? That gets your knickers all in a wad? Because I don't recall anyone being destroyed and offended by videos of war, violence against women, kids in school beating another student for their own ammusement, etc. What about those that are so selfish and controlling that they feel they have the right to force their beliefs and rules on others....especially their children, who apparently, are not allowed to think for themselves, or choose the direction that they would like to take in their life.

I started this blog because I wanted practice. I want to be a good writer. I want to find that feeling that Ihad when I was only 14, and I had a huge notebook full of poems. I could write constantly, and it made me feel validated, worthy, heard.

Words are just words. Developed by men for the purpose of communication. Yes, it is true, some of the words can be ugly, cruel, degrading, humiliating. Are cuss words in this category? Conservatives will say absolutely, and in the same breath, tell me that I am going to hell if I do not believe as they do, or follow their faith blindly, no questions asked. And I have no reason to be completelly offended by that simply because in their minds they didn't say, "go to fucking church". Makes no sense.

You know what I find offensive? People who are dissmissive of those or things that make them fear the opinion of the masses. Why care? It is better to lie? To hide? To be decietful? who you are, and be proud. Be brave enough to stand up for yourself, like what you like, sing if it makes you happy, love who you love with every ounce of your being, talk about mistakes, talk about her. She exists....and the day will be here soon, where she wwill be sitting our dinner table, and pictures will be posted.....and questions will arise. Why the secrecy? Why in the world would anyone be ashamed of having such a beautiful child to love, to laugh, to hug, to be part of the family.

Not one single family on this earth is perfect. Everyone has drama. Everyone has that one crazy relative that is just out there, but gives us great stories, and makes us laugh. Everyone has different opinions and likes and dislikes, beliefs or no beliefs. Embrace it all. It is the spice that gives our lives flavor. Without it, we would all be dry toast. sweet, no comfort, no enjoyment. Don't judge....just because someone is open, and honest, and not afraid to express themselves, does not make them a bad person. It makes them human.

....and then Beyonce came on, and ruined everything.

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