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Sunday, September 11, 2011

~Reflection and Redirection~

Today is September 11th, a very significant date in our country. Over the past few days, there have been countless programs on television about the events that took place on that tragic day. It is, without any doubt, a very clear, a very severe moment in time. A memory that you don't want, but you just can't erase. You remember exactly where you were, exactly how you felt, what you were doing. History can be so vague at times, but then at others, so very very, very definite. This was one of those times.

This day was not just a day of tragedy. For me, this day was one for many reasons. The world has been in a constant downward spiral, like a giant toilet bowl, we were all being flushed. Just endless, useless waste, and it needed to be flushed. This horrific moment, while violent, disturbing, emotional, and gut wrenching, also served many useful purposes if only people opened their eyes to learn from it. Some chose to see anger, and lashed out, seeking revenge. Because of this, many innocent people lost their lives. Once again, the giant toilet flushed. Just a giant waste...going down, down, down. It was if you could feel the world spinning out of control, and you knew at any moment it would all be gone....down the drain.

Others chose to see this as the opportunity to embrace life. Every day, to now take life, every moment, as a gift. Nothing is a given. Nothing is guaranteed. Be grateful. Be thankful. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Be kind, be respectful, be polite. This was also a trait that was few and far between.

It is much harder to be kind. Anger comes easy to most, and it also comes swiftly. What I don't understand to this day, is how people have hate for people they don't know. This is pure ignorance. What a waste of energy. Why do this at all? Hate of a person you don't know? Never finding out what they know, what they think, feel, believe? What a shame...what are you missing? What are you loosing? Does anyone stop to think about that? I doubt it.

One of the constant thoughts running through my head while watching these programs is the people who went through this tragedy, and what they must have been feeling, thinking. The final moments. It's almost unbearable. How do you make that phone call? Who do you call? What do you say? How do you find the right words? It makes you think.

So...this is my challenge, and I really want everyone to consider this. If knew, as they knew, you only had a few moments left. It is sealed, and there is no way to change it. You have to make that call. One call, and it is all you have. You would have 3 minutes to talk to someone, and then it would be done. It could be your way, any way. Who would you call, and what would you say. Your final moments, your final words before you leave this earth.

Life is not guaranteed. It is a gift. It can be taken at any moment, and without notice. You leave the house everyday, and you don't know at that moment that it could be your last time....did you say "I love you"?

I know, in my heart, that every chance I get, I tell my husband and my kids that I love them. My family is seriously messed up, but I still tell them I love them. I do love them. I tell my friends I love them. I don't care if they think I am crazy...I don't care if they think I am silly. If I am gone tomorrow, then let them remember that. That I drove them crazy telling them that I love them. I can deal with that. :-)

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