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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Redemption, and running out of Tootsie Rolls

I was sitting on our couch, and reading the Huffington Post. I love some of the articles, and despise some of the comments left on said articles, and this is why I enjoy reading it. LOL. I find that reading both gives me a perspective on people, and also and insight on the world. It also makes me appreciate my soon to be husband with such a heart swelling pride. I look at him, and remember the man he was when I met him, and see the man he is today, and look to the man he is evolving into, and realize, damn, I really got it right this time, didn't I?

See, relationships are hard enough, let alone having everyone else put their two cents into it and try to influence you, or bully you into doing what they want. I was eating my Tootsie Rolls, one of my favorite candies, and reached for another one, when I came across a funny situation. At the very moment I reached, and realized I had run out of said Tootise Rolls, I read, "relationship status: engaged to- Christine Dickie". Hmmm. Now this was hiliarious to me. Why? Because I was reading the relationship status of my recently widowed father. I guess most wouldn't discribe this situation as "hilarious", but to me, oh, it was. I immediately thought, "redemption".

For so long, I knew my father was not happy in his marriage to my mother, and I always said, I would never stay married if that was how it was going to be. They stayed married because that's what they were supposed to do. He cheated, they beat the hell out of each other, and for what? Geez, just end it, and move on. I always said, if mom went first, Dad would move on, and move on he did. He didn't waste much time. Everyone always thought they knew him so well. I guess I knew him better than I thought. Now, my dad is gonna find out quickly what it's like on my side of the fence, cause the "troops" are turning, and they are pissed. Oh, my brother is hearing the ink dissapearing on the will, and the thought of another woman moving in on Dad's measly belongings before him is making his blood boil. Name calling, spitting and out right disgust is in the air already, and I am sure my Dad is thinking, "what the fuck". But this is how it really is when you have the audacity the nerve, to live your own life, to move on and try to be happy. Oh hell no.

So, yeah, I feel like in some small way I have some sense of redemption, because I have been right about one small thing. I ran out of my beloved Tootsie Rolls, but found a small amount of truth. I can live with that.

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