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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our babies, our hearts.

Dexter just hopped up and drank almost half a cup of Carl's coffee. LOL. Now he is running around, playing with his monkey without a care in the world. What a smile that brings to my face. It is amazing to me how much joy these little ones bring to our lives. When we got Willow, the change was apparent almost immediately. Carl's stress level dropped suddenly. I had hoped for this, but was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he fell in love with her. She adores him, and bonded with him almost instantly. The second he comes home and walks through that door, his face is just beaming to see her. Her little tail is going a hundred miles an hour, and no matter how awful the day has been, it all just dissapears as soon as your face is covered in millions of puppy kisses. We got Dexter when he was only 2 weeks old, and just like that, became new parents. LOL. Sleepless nights, bottle feedings, yes, bottle feedings, and endless worrying while we were both at work. Wondering if he was warm enough, if he would be okay until one of us rushed home to feed him some more. He grew and just became such a character. He is so full of personality, and I don't think that I have ever loved any of my animals as much as I love these two little amazing creatures. Now we anxiously await the arrival of their puppies with such anticipation. Carl sits with his hands on Willows tummy, feeling every little movement, and kick. These little ones will be so spoiled. I just don't know how we will be able to part with them. I only am sure that who ever is so fortunate to be able to have one of them join their family, will one day understand.

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