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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kings and Pawns...and all of those in between.

I was blessed to have the three most gorgeous children on the planet. Yep...I said it. Fate, dealt me a shitty hand however, and circumstances, and my evil family as well, brought about some crazy Monday night movie shit that well, I just don't have the energy to type out. Let's just say, it's not fair...none of it was fair, and in the end, my kids were the one who suffered. Long story short, going back and forth in court became exhausting. My file was about 7 to 8 inches high, and growing constantly. I got sick of going...drained, tired, and worn out. Going up to my daughters school to get a copy of her records one day, I was told that I wasn't allowed to have them, because I wasn't her mother. The devil had been in, and put another woman's name down as her mother. That was just one of the many slaps in the face that I had over the years. My children have been through things that they didn't deserve. Sometimes, my own parents helped the devil...something that can never be forgiven, no matter how much it is explained in any way.

Moving on to the present, I have done every single thing that I can to move on and simply put that all in the past. Dwelling on it serves no purpose, and really, I am a much stronger person for it all anyway. I always did what I thought was best for my children, and I never took the low road. Even though there were times when I could have really been an evil bitch, I didn't attempt to be so, because I wanted to keep my integrity in tact. I wanted to know that I could hold my head up high. I knew that someday, the truth would all come out, and my children would make decisions for themselves. That was my only concern.

What really gets on my ever last fucking nerve is how some of these idiots go around and still want to brag and take credit for my kids accomplishments. I can't stand this. It has always been my thinking that a persons accomplishments are their own. No one deserves bragging rights but the person who achieved the goal. Just because you fucked (sorry for being so blunt) their father for a year does not mean that you have any credit for anything. Just because you laid your sorry ass up in the house that the devil lived in, does not mean that you can take credit for them being good people, or going on to make good decisions, or leading decent lives. Those, are their own. They do that because they want to. Take a look at your own kids. don't want too. 3 kids, 3 different son on son who is in and out of jail....the list goes on. Adios...get the hell away from my children. The reason they are the great and solid individuals that they because they don't want to BE LIKE ANY OF YOU.

Examples come in all shapes and sizes, and it's amazing to me how some choose to believe that they are the great ones. LMAO. Your not. If you were, your kids would be on the same track as mine. My kids are doing great because they had someone talking to them telling them to use their own mind. Someone was telling them that their childhood is a fraction of their life, and that one day, they will get out in this big ole world and take control and be able to do what they want. Set goals...don't be like all of this. Get out there and be BETTER. The job of a parent is to want MORE for their children. To want them to be better, smarter, faster, to achieve higher than we could have ever imagined for ourselves. If not, then we are selfish and stupid, and don't deserve to have them.

My kids are great because they had entirely too many examples of how NOT to be. Lessons learned. I am proud of them because they took notes, and they listened. Their accomplishments are all their own. They are not because of me, or their father or anyone else. They are because of their own drive and ability to overcome....make no mistake's not because of you either. So fuck off, and go on Maury, and hope that envelope helps you find out the baby daddy of your granbaby soon. :-)


Zootastic Mimi said...

Wow. Just wow. I swear Penny your stories leave me speechless.

You know, I would be highly interested to see the devil try to justify all his actions (not that he ever honestly could but I'm sure in his world he can). Something tells me he would do a fine job explaining and justifying himself with no problem.

I've been around people like that and they just have a gift in twisting things around so THEY can seen like the victim. It makes me sick.

pennyzwyz said...

He will tell you, without even blinking an eye, that he is God, that his kids even think he is God. That's how blown out of portion his ego is. Not kidding. He is twisted and out of touch with reality. Which is why he is in the situation he finds himself in now. Google his name. Daryal James Taylor. Watch what comes up...and you will see what kind of man he REALLY is. He finally got caught.