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Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old...

So, it's the end of 2010, and now we enter 2011 with high hopes, and anticipation for a new beginning. It's amazing how everyone looks towards this one day. How the simple setting and rising of the sun within a 24 hour period can give the world so much hope, so much promise. Why only on one day?

For many of my friends, it has been a really rough year. Too many up's and down's to mention. I don't know exactly why karma has decided to give us all a good kick in the gut like she has, but we have all weathered the storm, and held strong. Some of us have had a few more storms than others, but still, we are here. This definitely could be called the "year of lessons". For Carl and I, it has been the year of  "True Colors", or finding out the people who really care, and those who are full of shit. No other way to put it really. So many who were in our life just really didn't deserve the spot they had. Sometimes, you just have to make some changes, and we did. Hard decisions come with the realization that when the shit hits the fan, who really is going to be there for you? It was a rude awakening for my handsome man, and it was horrible watching him go through it all. A small experiment was conducted. He posted a small comment one day...just to see what reaction he would get from family and friends. After a few hours, he posted it again. Then the next day, again. Only 3 people responded. Two, were my long time friends. One, a friend we have mutually. That's it. Was awful. Gut wrenching. Family hadn't even made one small effort to even say one word. Sometimes, silence hurts more than anything.

So, like I have said, we are moving forward into this year with hopeful hearts, and eyes wide open. We know what lies ahead for our future, and we know who really matters most. Those who support and love us for all that we are, will know that we return the love and support they share. Those that don't, probably won't hear from us anymore. Time can be short, and there is no reason to waste it. People go around saying that you are "supposed to love family" or that you "have to do this" or "have to do that". Um, no, we don't. We only have to do what we want. This is our life. Everyone should live their life as they choose. Don't live to make others happy. That is their own responsibility. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Why take chances? So, this is me standing on the island, with my finger waving proudly in the all of you who have talked behind our back. To those who don't agree with our wedding plans. To those who don't agree with how we live. To those who don't agree with the fact that we don't practice any religion. To those who think you are better than us. To those who thought we wouldn't last because you don't know a damn thing about either of us...but walk around like you know it all....guess what? Finger in your face. :-) 2011 is the year that Mr. and Mrs. Danielson will be married, and moving on. Peace out. <3


WaywardInk said...

It is so wonderful seeing you come into your own. As a person, as a woman, as a citizen of the wider world. Family is a sacred word for me, and you better than anyone know that what we mean when we say family has nothing to do with blood. It has everything to do with love. And here's what I say to the naysayers who think you should love someone else, who think you should have this kind of god and not that kind, who think you should have this kind of wedding and not that, who think you should be this kind of person and not that. To all these, I say. When was love, not enough? Love. Just love. If love is not enough then we not only don't speak the same language....we don't even live in the same world.

December 31, 2010 6:08 PM

pennyzwyz said...

I know what real love is. I know what real family is. I know what true friendship is, and how to recognize the difference between a relative, and someone whom I choose to call my family. I know because you have been there to set such an example. Because of your strength and your conviction of heart, and love. I don't want to live in a world with all of those who choose to live in such a way as to cause all of this pain. I choose to live in the world that we see, that we believe is out there. I choose to value the love that I know is real. The love of unconditional acceptance and the love of those who don't care if I don't go and kneel between four walls of plaster, while a man who is no better than I preaches and tells me how I should think, live and feel. I know that in my heart, I am a good person, I am a worthy person, and that I have a purpose on this earth. My strength comes from my ancestors who have passed before me with heavier burdens, and greater challenges than I have ever had to imagine. I know that even though my life has had its moments of pain and anguish, it is in the manner that I now live and love, how I overcome, and endure, that will define me. I refuse to allow anyone to ever stop me from being happy again. I know that my life will be looked upon by someone, maybe only one, but someone, and they will smile, and say, "She knew how to laugh, she overcame, and she loved." That will be enough for me. :-)