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Thursday, January 13, 2011

~ Finding my Own Path~

When it comes to the oldest religions in the world, it is easy to see why there would be controversy regarding this matter. In this article, you will learn some of the characteristics associated with ancient belief systems.


Many experts agree that the oldest organized religion in the world is Hinduism, which dates back to 1,500 BCE. The sacred texts of Hinduism (the Vedas) were written at this time and serve as a historical marker for the religion. Interestingly, Hinduism is a religion that has no known creator. The basis of the belief system is comprised of various cultures and myths. There are many different texts associated with Hinduism, which allow adherents to study philosophy, mythology, theology, as well as learn how to follow the practice of dharma – also known as religious living. Today, Hinduism is the largest religion in the world.


Another religion that has roots dating back thousands of years ago is Judaism. Born around 1800 BCE, Abraham is recognized as the founder of Judaism. When tracing the origin and history of the religion, the Torah plays an important role. For many, the start of Judaism is often marked by the existence of the Torah.

The Torah (also known as the Five Books of Moses) represents the text surrounding the founding legal and ethical beliefs of Judaism. The Torah is the first of three parts of the Tanakh, which is the Hebrew Bible. The books are separated into five different sections with names written in English: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The first individual to put the Torah in writing was Moses, who did so about 1400 BCE.


Not all religions or forms of worship are organized. Many feel that Paganism is the oldest belief system in the world. It is from Paganism that Wicca and other extensions of earth-related worship get their start. The concept of Mother Earth as a goddess is one that was embraced as far back as 30,000 years ago during Paleolithic times. The modern version of paganism is linked to Celtic religious beliefs that date back to around 1000 BCE.

Common Misconception

Across the world, Islam and Christianity currently have the most adherents, but they are actually among the newest forms of worship. Islam dates back to 610 CE with Abraham serving as the oldest prophet of the religion. Adherents of Islam believe that their religion is the complete and universal version of a prehistoric belief system that has been revealed many different times and at various places, involving religious figures, such as Moses, Abraham, and Jesus.

Christianity has roots that trace back to about 30 CE. The religion is based on the life and word of Jesus of Nazareth. Gospels and other writings, such as the Bible, play an important role in the religion. Those who follow and practice the faith are referred to as Christians. They typically belong to various churches, such as the three largest organizations in the world: the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox churches, and churches of Protestantism.

So, now that we got all of that straight...

I am really over and done with everyone all of their crap. LOL. The reason for all of the above is because it is FACT. I love how most people go around spouting off at the mouth to others, trying to tell them what to believe, how to believe, that if you don't go to church your going to hell, if you don't wear a white sheet and dunk in some water, you won't go to heaven. Oh, if you don't get married between these four walls and keep the entire ceremony all top secret and tell everyone it's all sacred then your not really committed to each other, and by the way, your not even really married. My religion is the true religion. Your religion isn't even real. You don't believe in God, you worship statues. Ugh....Get over yourselves people.

I really don't worry about what anyone else believes in their heart. Whatever works for you, well, great. If you believe that this white guy with light brown hair and blue eyes from the middle east, ( bwhahahahahahaha, sorry, but REALLY?, is he albino?) is hanging out in the sky on fluffy white clouds watching your every move with a pencil and paper, and is gonna catch ya at these golden gates like a hall monitor to say, your in, your out, your cool, you suck...whatever. I don't care. If you believe in Karma, do as to others...I get it. If you believe in aliens, or your Jewish, or Hindu, or whatever you are, then you believe. My issue is when you believe, and feel like you must force that on to others. That's where you are WRONG.

Beliefs are for the individual. It is a choice for everyone to make for themselves. No one has the right to tell anyone how to believe. It is not for you to say that I must feel the same way as you do. Nor is it right for you to condemn me for not sharing in your beliefs. It would be like me telling you I love the color red, and you saying you love the color purple. Suddenly, I shout, "your going to hell!" How ridiculous, right? Now, your sitting there thinking, "comparing taste in color is not even close to religious choice". Yes, it is. It is a choice. It is something that is personal. It is a liking, it is something that is pleasing, something that makes you happy. I can't even say to this very day what it is that I truly believe. I have questions. Many questions. Most churches and religions won't even allow you to do that. It is unheard of, frowned upon, you are banished. In my upbringing, I was sent to Catholic services. I would have been accused of blasphemy had I  raised the questions that I do today. As an adult, I see nothing wrong with asking questions. It is how you learn, evolve, resolve issues, develop into a confident human being, strong in your convictions. There are many things that I am curious about, and read up on. As I do so, I find, there are many religions that I am quite offended by. I don't think that some are aware of the real beliefs that are in the churches they attend. Most are quite hypocritical, judgmental, unforgiving. I cannot be a part of that. I refuse to be blind to such things. As an adult, I can stand and say, "No, I don't agree." I can stand and say, "No, I don't agree that God would not be able to remain jealous, a petty emotion, that even us simple humans are able to overcome." This very sentence has gotten me into furious arguments with family members and close friends. It is MY belief, but because it is not their belief, I was told I was wrong. Um, what? I find that hysterical. My belief is wrong, yet their belief is true and correct? Like I said, hypocritical...

Recent events have made religion a center topic in our household. It is true that when you come of age, and in certain religions, make a choice to make a break from that church, ultimately commit social suicide. You find that even the closest of family will suddenly say you are "lost". You cannot be saved. They will turn on you, they will make all sorts of accusations, and resort to furious anger. All in the name of God? Baffling. If this is what Gods love is, I want no such part.

I leave with the ever brilliant quote brought to my attention by my ever brilliant Aunt, whom I count my blessings for every single day. Unconditional love and support should come to us all in the example of her wisdom and constant light.

~if love is not enough then god doesn't understand the concept, much less could he have invented it~
Well then, maybe he didn't. Maybe it was someone much, much smarter...yeah..I'm gonna go with that...

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Carl said...

I Love You & your questions... I think that you are a very smart woman & I'm lucky to have yo in my life. It does make it easier that we have similar convictions & questions involving Religion or even Politics... Again, I Love You....