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Thursday, January 20, 2011

~Jerry Springer, Live~

When you have mild insomnia, any sleep, even if it's 30 minutes, can seem like heaven. Your so amazed that you even got that much, that when you wake up, your almost in shock that you actually feel alseep in the first place. It also tends to infuriate you instantly when this precious sleep is disturbed. Allow me to share my recent experience with said furious anger....

Last night, it was approximately 11pm, and I was startled by the noise. At first, my thinking was, "why in the hell are they arguing?". See, when I had gone to lie down in the room, with all five of the pups in tow, Carl and Mark were in the living room playing Xbox and as they often do, very enthusiastically going on their killing sprees with great emotion. This is has become their bonding experience as of late, and they have seemed to found a common ground of yelling, stomping, laughing, and shooting zombies together that makes me smile. They never argue. They get along really well. Hence, my confusion as to all of the yelling that woke me.

I come out into our living room to find our front door open and all of the chaos issuing. Mark was at the door, Carl was standing directly behind him, and at the door, was our glorious neighbor from upstairs, with four of her oh so polite and as glorious counter parts, whom I am assuming she brought along for "moral support". Two girls, and two guys, all screaming with her at the top of their lungs. Trying to make sense of what was going on, I caught on pretty quickly. We have been having problems from the moment they moved in. The girl is quite young, maybe 20, with 2 small children, and her maturity level is probably at the same as her offspring. Not too sure of the other occupants of the apartment. What is confirmed is that they pretty much run around with the energy of a herd of elephants, and at times, it feels like they are going to come through our ceiling. Pounding back does no good, as they "stomp" back in some sort of game. My question has always been, "Where are they going?". The apartment is only so big, and after one or two laps, haven't you seen all there is to see? Then there is the dog...the ever barking out on the patio till all hours, never been walked EVER complaints to the office, after trying to talk to them, and so on, and so on....A note was placed on their door, because said dog was left out on patio, for over 24 hours, barking all of 24 hours, while neighbor was out of town. Note said specifically, "Your dog has been barking now since 5pm, and has not stopped. You never walk your poor dog, and it is freezing outside. Please take care of your dog or animal control will be called. Be considerate of your neighbors. Some of us work graveyard, or have to be up very early, and can't sleep because of the constant barking."
This was 3 days ago. Apparently, she had time to sit and plan, and plot her next move, which was to get a "posse" for back up, and wait until 11pm at night, and come to our door like common thugs.

The screaming is continuing. "Who the fuck put this note on my fucking door?"
Mark/Carl - "WE put the note on your door"

Girl-"You messed with the wrong mutha fuckin people! now what! now what!"

Carl- "Keep your dog quiet! Tell your dog to shut the fuck up!"

Girl- "Its a's a dog."

Mark-"Back need to back up." (This was because they started trying to come IN OUR APARTMENT)

This is when I am getting pissed, and really fed up. I tell Mark to shut the door. The girl, who keeps yelling, and carrying on, screams at me, not sure what she said, is pushing Mark. I yell at Mark to shut the door and I am calling the police. This is when the girl SWINGS AT ME trying to hit me. Mark is in front of me, and says, "are you out of your fucking mind?"


Girl-"Ya'll harrassin us by puttin this note on my door."

Mark- "No, see, now I'm going to give you an education. This note is what is called a warning. Now, the police are coming, and they are going to explain to you that you are now what is called the "PRIMARY AGGRESSOR, and now your all going to go to jail. So go ahead, show them this note. We did exactly what we are supposed to do in this situation. Now, you came down here, acting stupid, trying to push your way in here, making threats, your gonna go to jail."

Mark pushes me in the apartment, "Go inside Mom, go inside". I am on the phone with the dispatcher, who is listening to all of this on the phone. She won't let me hang up, because she can hear them, and knows they are trying to come in our apartment. The guy starts yelling at Carl, saying "You gotta go to work! We gonna gotta go to work!" Carl starts yelling back, "I'm right here mother fucker, I'm right here", I push him back, shut our door. Geez us....Now, my son is out on the porch with these idiots, who, by the way, are just running their mouths and saying they are gonna get a "pump" (gun) cause apparently they are soooo tough. Really??? Really??? I open the door so the dispatcher can hear if they are still there. They are. Mark says, "See, the cops can hear every word you are saying. The guy goes upstairs. Reality hits. Carl pissed off the girl something awful, cause they are threatening that they known when we work, and are gonna mess up our trucks, break in our apartment, so he yells about her being on section 8.....

Then the cops come.

Oh, but officer, we didn't yell at them. We tried to go down and talk to them nicely. We never swung at anyone. Oh officer, I am so hurt. That awful man down there said I am on section 8. I am a poor, single mom. Oh, officer, I am so upset. They are so mean for putting this note on my door. Oh officer...what? You don't believer me? Oh officer...I am gonna get a $1100 fine? They had the entire thing on the phone with a dispatcher, and they are upstanding people, oh, and the young man I was pushing and shoving is a Fire department Cadet? Uh.......Fuck me sideways...

Why is it that I lived in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Las Vegas for years, and NEVER went through anything like this. Why is it, that to move into this expensive, very nice apartment complex, Carl and I went through a rigorous credit check, and had to pay a huge deposit, but now, for some reason, a girl who is completely unemployed is living above us? Why is it, that we are in a very nice, beautiful neighborhood, and we had a bunch of immature idiots coming down to our door at 11 o'clock at night with their own version of Jerry Springer, trying to fight, threaten and act like common thugs, all because they want to play house, but don't know how to act like decent human beings? This is our society? You come to a person's door, try to barge in and punch people because your dog is a nuisance to everyone around you, and your disturbing all of your neighbors, and so this is how you act? You might get arrested, go to jail, have your children taken to Child Haven, but this seemed like a great plan to you?

I think I have slept about 2 hours. They have the dog out barking right now. We have to go down to our office in about an hour, and try, again, to discuss this issue, and find out if we can be let out of the remaining months on our lease, which are 6. We will be forced to move. We have been here for almost 3 years, with no issues, but now, we will have no choice, but to move, because of them. I am really growing weary of things like this happening. It really doesn't pay to be responsible, or to try to be the good people anymore. Somehow, you are not protected. Somehow, no matter what, you still get the giant shaft.

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