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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~Anam Cara~

In the Celtic tradition, there is a beautiful understanding of love and friendship. The old Irish term Anam Cara is translated as soul friend. When you have an Anam Cara, you are joined in an ancient and eternal way with the person who is a friend of your soul. There is a deep sense of belonging and recognition. You are understood as you are and you are at home. When you feel understood, you can release yourself into the trust and shelter of another persons soul and they can release themselves into you. This kind of soul love is the most real, substantial and powerful form of human presence because it is the place or threshold where human presence and divine presence move in and out of each other.

On May 20th, Carl and I will be married on 7 Mile Beach, at Sunset, in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Many who are reading this will say, "Oh my gosh, how romantic, how beautiful." Yes, and trust me, it will be. It will be because we will be getting married. It will be because of Anam Cara. He is, before anything else, my best friend. Amongst all of the doubters and nay Sayer's, Carl and I will prevail, and will be alright. I know this from the very depths of my heart. We did not jump into this lightly. We did not take this relationship for granted in any way. From the very beginning, we thought every single step through. When others were just finding out, we were thinking four steps ahead. When others were skimming the surface, and searching the superficial elements involved, we were talking, learning, laughing, just being with each other. Building something that would stand, evolve, and hold true. We found common ground in a place that made sense to no one but us. When others were worried about cars and clothes, we were learning about each others personalities, and beliefs, and morals. I watched Carl come into his own. He found himself over the last couple of years. He found a sense of who he is, a strength to be the man he wants to be. He found his inner voice, and he brought it out, and he sure in the hell isn't afraid to let him speak anymore. Some were quite taken back by all of it, but I knew this was a good thing. I too, found my strength. From knowing Carl, I found that it was okay to be loved, to have someone care about me. A person who would not hurt me. I learned how to trust.

Anam Cara is a very powerful and spiritual medium. If you are fortunate enough to find her, grab her, hold on, and take the ride. You don't need a church, or a priest, or anyone. You only need the loving heart of the one who brought her to you. Open your arms, embrace her, and smile, because your life has now begun. The warm ocean breeze will brush across our faces, and the sun will shine, and begin to set, and we will know, as Joy says, "you are now Man and Wife, Anam Cara eternal."


WaywardInk said...

Well spoken, darling, as one upon whom I bestow one of my favorite titles...Anam Fili. A soul poet. You didn't need me to write your wedding follow in a long family line of (Irish) writers. I'm so proud of you. Happy for you. Bustin' my buttons as Grandpop McCormick would say. Love. Love. Love. You.

pennyzwyz said...

This, made my life. <3