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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~And a side of sarcasm for free~

So going into work this morning, I stopped in to Starbucks to get coffee, and this is what I am greeted with

~Yes, Penny & Carl, customers of the week, how nice! Anyway, lets not get distracted...(but it was a great way to start off a morning, knowing that you are loved) So...I get in the truck, start the agonizing journey towards work, listening to the daily drone of a morning show that is usually filled with crap about morons in the entertainment industry, gossip, the mundane of this and that, when this interesting story comes into play, and sparks not only my attention, but interest, and hence, my speed dial, and, ta da! Hello, I'm on the radio!

So, apparently there is this brilliant man who decided he is sick and tired....this deserves repeating....SICK AND TIRED...of going out to eat and having his meal disrupted by misbehaved and unruly and, lets just say it, pain in the ass brats, who ruin the entire experience, SO......he has come up with the idea for, wait for it~

A restaurant that is completely child free~ (insert parting of clouds and angels singing here)

Now, before all of the stupid, ranting parents hopped on the radio to begin their nonsense, some of the more intelligent adults got some words in, and lets just say, it was great. I loved every minute of it. I immediately dialed the phone. I don't usually want to participate in such things, but being that I actually work in this industry, and know first hand what it is like to deal with this situation on a daily basis, not just when dining out, I felt I could actually add some perspective to the discussion that might help. I dialed the number, believing I would never get through, but did, on the first try, and to my surprise, the man answering was delighted at my comments, and when I told him that I not only thought this guy was brilliant, but I wanted to WORK for him, lol, the man said, please hold, we are gonna get you on the air, I laughed and said okay. Holding, I could hear the conversation going on, and then it happened. The first protestor.

"Not only will I never go to this place, but I plan to picket and do everything possible to put it out of business." Really? That's your plan? Hilarious. You have nothing better to do with your time? Have you not heard of McDonalds? Chuck E Cheese? A billion other places that are kid friendly? You merely want to picket this place simply because he said you "can't" go there with your kid? You can't take your kid to a strip bar either, do you picket those establishments too? What an idiot. This moron even admitted, on air, that his kid was unruly, misbehaved, a bad kid. Um, what? LOL. Do you understand what a problem your child is? Do you understand that your kid causes issues of safety when you take him out? "oh its so adorable when little Brandon runs into the kitchen to try to help". Oh, it's not so "adorable" when little Brandon runs into a server with a full tray of food, knocks him over and gets third degree burns, and now your idiotic ass wants to sue the restaurant, plus the server is hurt, and so on....

People are stupid. People are fools. Let me tell you, it's not fun when your BRAT is throwing food at us when we are trying to do our job. Where do you work? Cause I want to come to your job, bring some little four year old, and mess with you in the middle of a serious, very important meeting, let him color all over a really important presentation, or throw a juice cup all over your computer, or maybe disrupt your business meeting and scream at the top of his lungs while you try to close a multi-million dollar deal that your job depends on. How funny is it now?

When my parents took us out to eat, we didn't speak. I mean it. The most that we were allowed to say was please and thank you. Yes Ma'am, No sir, that's about it. Sure, people today say, "oh my goodness, that is just too much, too strict. Uh, no. It's called manners. It's called teaching your kids how, what's that word, what is it....oh yeah, BEHAVE. Parents don't do their job anymore. All this crap about, "we let Billy make his own decisions" is bullshit. Your his mother, its your damn job to make decisions for him. When they are 3, they don't know what they are going to do 5 minutes from now, let alone if sprite or milk is the proper choice. Stop staring at your damn Blackberry and pay attention to your kid. What in the hell happened? I mean, the 80's really killed parenting. Seriously, all of this "time out" crap....I mean really, think about it. Has anyone paid attention to the youth lately? Most of the kids that grew up with my kids are really screwed up. You know which one's made it? The ones who got their butts whooped, and the ones who had parents that talked to them.

So, if you are upset that you can't go to this guys restaurant, get over it. Really, because there are plenty of other places to go and take your brat, and ruin the dining experience for everyone there. I am sure he won't be loosing any sleep over your protest and in all honesty, your exactly the type he is looking to avoid anyway, so in his defense, "Thank you, and drive thru".

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