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Saturday, July 16, 2011

~In the Grand Greed of Things~

“No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

So, reading that, simply disgusts me, because I work for a multi-million dollar corporation, who I may soon promote with. From this promotion, I will also be demoting my pay scale, to a much smaller salary, and be living quite below the poverty level in this country. What in the hell kind of sense does this make?

How great must it be for the wealthy in this country? How boastful they are when they flaunt their labels, and their money, and their excess, and obnoxious abundance of filth. Yes, filth. How much money does one really need? How many houses do you need? Currently, Las Vegas is considered one of the "ghost towns" in our country, due to the over whelming amount of foreclosures it now harbors. It is disgusting to want a house of our own so work so hard every single damn day for it, and to drive around and see so many of them just sitting there, empty. Such a waste, such a sin. Why are they empty? Because greedy ass bankers robbed hard working Americans. Stole their homes right out from under them. It's despicable, and they should never have left. I would have squat in my home, and made them force me out.

Now, to take a promotion at my job, I am being low balled, told I will be taking a pay cut, a much, much lower pay, for a job that requires more time, more work, more responsibility, and much more stress. This company holds 15 resorts, and gaming no less, but for some reason, will pay me less than they pay a person who washes dishes. Not saying that position is less important, or less in stature, but in management, to pay less than what you are worth or should receive, well, no wonder. No wonder they are in the situation they are in. No wonder nothing gets done. No wonder nothing is working, no training is being done, no supplies are ordered, no fucking wonder. Who the hell would care about quality, and doing a better job when they are being paid less than the people they are supervising? Is anyone paying attention?

A 15 machine tavern will take in, on a weekly basis, an average of $5000, per machine. This is at an average local tavern, such as I managed before, with a small restaurant attached. Most have 15 machine bars, the machines being video poker. The machines are a 60/40 split, which means automatically, 60% of the take goes to the Gaming Company that you lease the machine's from. You never actually own your machines, per the Nevada Gaming License. This is how they manage to still regulate and control the gaming, plus get a slice. Okay, so still, 40% of the math. That's a decent take. On a weekly basis, you are now talking $75,000. 40% of that is $30,000. This is before liquor, food, any kind of revenue. Just gaming alone. Let's say, for arguments sake, you had a slow week, and only did $40,000- your take is $16,000. Okay, so, just that, is still a shit load of money for ONE WEEK, yes? Okay, now, put that on a scale of a major casino. How many machines? How many tables?  Just soak that in. I'll wait....

So, anyway, it's frustrating. Oprah has like, what, 5 houses. What's the purpose of that? A purse that cost's more than a car. What's the point in that? Stilettos that cost hundreds of dollars, and then, this is funny, they can hardly walk in the damn things. What the hell? I understand some things, but wasting money, I just don't get. I don't mind working hard, but not being paid properly, I just don't get. Greed, that pisses me off. I see people and their sorry ass greed every day, and it makes me just sick. They would really walk over their own mother to get another dollar, and I don't understand that. What drives a person to that point? Do they understand that all of that "stuff" can be taken away? All of that "stuff" isn't making them happy at all. I mean, have they really stepped back and taken a really good look at themselves or their life recently? Most of them are truly unhappy individuals, and I would bet they would say they are glorious with joy.

Carl and I work really hard. We don't go out much, if ever, and we don't have any silly debt, no credit cards, no foolish purchases. We stay to ourselves, and the only time we have made major purchases is to get furniture, our wedding rings, and our honeymoon. If we spend money, we want to have something to show for it. It makes things very difficult at times, because we are careful, and still struggle. This promotion thing is keeping me up because I know that in the long run, it will benefit us, but now, to take such a cut, and make us suffer, is something I just can't bare. I don't know if I am willing to do that. It's not fair to give hope, but to also destroy it at the same time. In many ways, this entire hotel has really taken a lot from me. Physically, emotionally, and mentally. It's like a giant suckubus...LOL. Maybe that's my answer. Just not to be there...because I don't need that shit.

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