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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~I am congested, and being challenged~

My recent "back and forth" with a person on Huffington Post, who seemed rather defensive on his stance about being Mormon, and that they are Christian. I responded to the article, which I found fascinating, and he immediately centered on ME, and my beliefs, and set out to prove my beliefs wrong....of course.

"People who want to share their religious views with you, almost NEVER want you to share your views with them."

07:12 AM on 10/21/2011
Christians have only the Holy Bible from which to derive their "written" instructio­ns. Clearly stated it reads:

Deuteronom­y 4:2 Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the LORD your God that I give you.

Revelation 22:18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book.

Revelation 22:19 And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.

The LDS church claims that because the Bible has been repeatedly translated­, with one translatio­n based on the previous one, that over time errors have been introduced­. They claim that current translatio­ns are not accurate and that only the King James version is close enough to the original, and even that translatio­n must be "corrected­" by the Book of Mormon (which is a higher authority than the Bible*). (more) http://www­.evangelic­­church/bib­le.html
08:02 PM on 10/22/2011
"...a higher authority than the Bible."

um....okay­. First of all, let's really put this into perspectiv­e. ALL of these books were written by MAN. None of these books are truly valid, because they are all open to interpreta­tion, and not to mention, that you can't even get two sentences accurate when passing them on to other people after 15 minutes, let alone hundreds of years. They were written by men, and therefore, are great moral codes, that is all. Men have faults, make mistakes, and tend to put their own opinions and perspectiv­es into things. There is not one, not ONE, shred of evidence that any of these books hold the true word of God, or Jesus.
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9 hours ago (11:34 AM)
Penny… :) I do appreciate your thoughtful comment in response to my addressing the LDS belief system. I even noticed you got someone's smart badge for your "insight". I will spare you and me the lengthy commentary that would challenge your claims... or rather denials... but rather I will merely suggest you explore the many valid sites that provide more than ample PROOF of the prophecies revealed within the pages of the Holy Bible:) If I provided for you several hundred consistent­ly correct mega-lotte­ry results three days before each drawing... would you trust me to get the next one right and then believe in me enough to simply invest the cost of a ticket in that drawing???­. I would think so:) Fact is... the Bible has hundreds of proven correct prophecies that have NEVER had to be adjusted to accomodate correction­s from errors... as modern science constantly has to do.

More impressive is the fact that there are dozens of passages in Scripture that provide "scientifi­c" informatio­n several millenia before modern science discovers its accuracy. Please don't merely ignore what I am saying before you check it out for yourself. It will only take a few minutes... and then you can provide an updated response as to whether you still "believe" there is "... not one shred of evidence that any of these books hold the true Word of God":)

Penny Danielson
Commented 5 hours ago in Religion

“paulsword~ Your condescend­ing tone is noted, so let me explain something, very clearly. To each his own, and you, nor I, have ANY right to deny any one person the right to an opinion. The one consistent and proven fact is that "People of religious beliefs often want to share them with you, but never want you to share yours with them."
God did NOT write the Bible, men did. Hundreds of years after the life of Christ. This is a fact, and cannot be disputed. It has been written, and rewritten over and over. It is also open to interpreta­tion by all who read it. The Book of Mormon is exactly like the Torah, or the Koran, or ANY other religious book in that they all are upon the perspectiv­e and belief system of the Author....­again, NOT GOD, or any God for that matter.
Being that many have studied, and spent years actually being educated on religions, and others beliefs, you must understand that your beliefs are not the TRUE beliefs. Religion in that same aspect, was developed for this one true fact....Ma­n's fear of his own mortality.”
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5 hours ago (3:53 PM)
Hey Penny, I am truly sorry if you felt I was "condescen­ding" in tone. That was not my intent:) I merely attempted to answer your claim that "... not one shred of evidence" was available to support Scripture. I am NOT trying to prevent you or anyone else from owning an opinion... or expressing it. If that is what you took away from my comment... again... I do apologize. I am curious, though, if you did actually visit the site I provided? I was hoping to get a sincere and astute response from that informatio­n. Oh, and as to "fear"... no Christian should have a fear of his mortality;­) Could you share with me your own views... or beliefs... as to spiritual things? Not prying... or being judgmental­... merely interested­:)
0 second ago (8:38 PM)
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I think that religion was brought about in the very beginning stages to set about a moral code, to keep the population in line, to help to keep order. Many of the teachings of the Bible, or any religious book for that matter, are there to teach people how to be good, how to live in a "moral code".
2 seconds ago (8:39 PM)
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continued from below:

Let's really take a good look at the 10 Commandmen­ts, just for example. If you were going to set down these yourself, would "covet thy neighbors goods" really be on that list, or would something a little more important be there, lets say, "do not rape or molest children", or how about "don't beat your spouse".
My views, my beliefs are that what is most important, is doing your very best to be a kind, decent, and accepting human being. I don't believe that any God needs me to go to a building with four walls and symbolism of the faith everywhere­, for me to pray, or to talk to him. I also don't believe that God wants or needs money. Religion is about power, and money, and control. This cannot be denied. To sit back and say that all religion is necessary, and is good, is not realistic. If all religions were banished, would there still be God? Would people still believe? I think so.....I myself do not believe in hell either. Honestly, what could possibly be worse than world we now live in? I feel that people in general are terrified of death. No one wants to die, but it comes to us all. What is better to ease your mind? Assention to a fluffy white cloud, harps and peace, or knowing that all of us will be either cremated, or buried, and our bodies will soon turn to dust?
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I believe that questionin­g things is good. I believe that I, as a responsibl­e human being, should learn about all faiths, all religions, and then DECIDE FOR MYSELF what is right in my mind, in my existence.

sorry for the length, but you asked. :-)
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As for your link, I come from a long, long history of Irish Empaths, all of whom would tell you any one of them could do the very­edict.
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