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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~Opinions are like assholes....or are they?~

The quote, "opinions are like assholes, everyone has one" comes out in so many debates, and is constantly repeated, and thrown out there, especially when someone's opinion is different than their own. This is when the gloves come off, and the rumble really begins. Hot topics always get great deliberations going, but none more so than Religion.

What is the big deal, honestly? I have to say, in so many aspects, and for this one solid reason, I tend to sympathize and fall on the side of the Agnostics, and even more so, the Atheists. SHRRRREEEEEEKKKKKKK!! I am full heartedly positive that sentence right there just pissed off many of my relatives. Don't really care, cause once again, it's my perspective, and opinion.

Why do I understand and sympathize with the non believers? Because they don't give a rat's ass if they talk to, or meet someone who does believe. Most of them are very happy in their existence of life, and they don't go around preaching or demanding that others follow their belief. This is NOT true for those of belief in any religion. From very early on, they are taught, reminded, and constantly pushed to go out and "SAVE" others. Get your ass out there, and recruit!! Make sure all that you come into contact with understand and convert to the belief that they hold true....that if you DON'T join the club, you will be an outcast, a sinner, your soul cursed, and you will definitely be on your way straight to hell when you die. Um....question? How do any of them know this?

They don't. They don't anymore than I can predict what the winning numbers will be in the next lotto. They don't and their only defense is that you MUST HAVE FAITH.

Faith- a method of control and manipulation to get an otherwise sane and intelligent human being to follow blindly in another persons beliefs or delusions, without question, without resistance.

The world is colorful and diverse. There are millions of thoughts, beliefs, cultures, traditions, and the world is a better place for it. For anyone to think or believe or force another to cave to their own beliefs is pure vanity. These same people will jump all over you and flat out refuse to hear another persons side of the story. It's obnoxious.

Every single human being, animal, and life form has the right to be themselves. Every single person on this planet has the right to think for themselves, to decide for themselves. Free will, free thinking.....a right that is deserved. Life is here to live, and on your terms. Morally, you should do things for the sole purpose of being a moral and good person. Doing things because you are threatened by hell, or by the wrath of God, or whatever....well, that's not really being a moral person now, is it? It's simply behaving as to not be punished.

I have Gay friends. I have friends from every culture, religious beliefs, and I have a richer life for it. I don't care if you smear yourself in peanut butter and dance around your living room in a pink tu tu. Live your life, that's why you are here. Don't shove your beliefs down my throat, all the while telling me that my beliefs are wrong. In that action, you are wrong. Believe, believe, believe, but don't be such a vain, and obnoxious person that you think your opinion is the TRUE one....because then....your just being an asshole.

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pennyzwyz said...

...and the above definition of Faith is MY definition, as I understand and comprehend the word.